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The Black Sheep Mission

We here at the DAO of Sheeple are focused on building a sustainable organization that generates income and profit, reinvesting in ways that make a measurable impact in the lives of every day people including the underdogs, outcast and ‘black sheep’ of the world.  

As part of our mission, we’re releasing the Black Sheep Renegade NFT Collection (7800 pieces) with exciting utility features, staking, DAO voting on use of funds, direction and growth of the DAO of Sheeple and the *SHPL governance token. 

*SHPL tokens are the governance token of The DAO of Sheeple (Wyoming LLC). They are on Uniswap V2 and trading at current market values. 

Here'S How To Get Started!

Get compensated in $SHPL token for all leads you send!

OPTION #1:  For Crypto-Savvy Audiences

OPTION #2:  For Crypto-Curious Audiences

NOTE:  Review access is for YOUR use only!   It contains some great information to help understand NFT’s and crypto better, so if you’re just starting out we highly recommend you grab a copy at that link for yourself too! To earn your referral $SHPL please share your own LeadDyno referral link as outlined above.


SHPL token distribution happens between the 18th and 25th of every month.  

We’re managing marketing campaigns on multiple media outlets and with multiple high level influencers to build and grow our community in the leadup to our Black Sheep Renegade mint date.   We HIGHLY recommend you get your link and share NOW to secure as many leads for maximum $SHPL rewards!



Get $SHPL Airdropped To Your Wallet Every Month

Compensation is on a Cost Per Lead (CPL) basis at a rate of 250 $SHPL per lead directly generated. 

BONUS: If you want to be a “super affiliate” and get 2nd tier commissions, you can refer other affiliates using your link and get 50 tokens per lead (20%! ) override.   Invite affiliates by clicking the ‘INVITE OTHERS’ menu item of your leaddyno dashboard.

If you choose not to join in the future of the DAO, or receive any of the other benefits active holders will obtain over time, you can, of course have the option to liquidate their SHPL tokens on Uniswap V2 at current market values you see below.


*Market Value is volatile and can change rapidly based on market activity and awareness

To liquidate, use your Metamask wallet (Metamask.io), convert the tokens into ETH or DAI (or any token / coin that both Coinbase and Metamask support)  and from there transfer to a system like Coinbase to put into your bank account or Paypal.

Submit Your Wallet Address To Claim Your $SHPL Token Airdrop

  1. Register here so we have your wallet for payout (be sure the wallet address is EXACTLY correct. 
    Double check it so there are no errors. 
    => https://forms.gle/8WhCUuh64phbmc1r6 <=
  2. Keep sharing your links and get paid! SHPL token distribution will happen between the 18th and 25th of every month, so keep sharing and we’ll keep sending you more SHPL!